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Author Biography

Manuel Dorado was born in Puertollano, Spain, in 1969. He is an aerospace engineer and writer. His stories have been included in books and magazines, such as erotic story anthology “La carne despierta” (Gens Ediciones, 2013), “Segunda parabola de los talentos” (Gens Ediciones, 2011), “Plaza de Oriente” (COPSA, 2009), as well as cultural magazines “THELunes” and “La Gran Belleza” in Spain and “Interpretextos” in Mexico.

Dorado has been awarded several literary prizes, such as “Vila de Mislata” Literary Award; "Patricia Sánchez Cuevas" International Short Story Award; honourable mention at “Julio Cortázar” Montevideo International Award; Second place at “García Lorca” Short Story Award; Finalist at Museum of Words International Literary Contest.

“The Midas Effect” is his first novel.

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BEST OUTSTANDING BOOK 2017 in "Ni un día sin libro" Literary Web

ONE YEAR #1 in the Crime Thriller and Adventure category on (October 2017 – October 2018)

The Midas Effect Synopsis

Miguel Le Fablec, a young university professor, appears to have the ability to turn his imagination into reality – the so-called Midas Effect. Unaware of his power, Miguel attracts the attention of intelligence agencies that draw him into overwhelming international intrigues and secret service operations. Everyone wants to control and use him. But how do you control a power such as this?


"The type of novel that is likely to attract an adaptation from Netflix" -Vincent Dublado, Readers' Favorite

“A heart-stopping thriller… A very interesting and impactful story. And very intense.” ENRIQUE BIÉNZOBAS

“We find ourselves with two perfectly-outlined, decisive characters […] the kind of couple that makes literature, and upon whom rests some of the greatest stories ever written.” (NI UN DÍA SIN LIBRO).

“The author, with impeccable narration, manages to maintain the rhythm of the story, and as it continues it becomes more difficult to tear oneself away from its dizzying progression.” EDUARDO H. VISQUERT (ALGUNOS LIBROS BUENOS).

“Manuel Dorado knows how to keep the reader’s attention for 500 pages.” MIQUEL BARCELÓ LETRAS PERDIDAS)

“Straightforward prose. Unexpected twists. A studied rhythm.” RITA PIEDRAFITA (PALABRAS EN CADENA)

“The story does not stay on the page. It jumps into the reader’s mind and appeals to their ethical values.” IZASKUN ALBÉNIZ (FILIAS’ HOME).

“It grips the reader from the first few pages and does not let go until the book has ended, leaving the reader wishing it had lasted a little longer.” ANTONIO F. RODRÍGUEZ (LA ANTGUA BIBLOS).

“An ending like this, with rhythm, with nervousness, with release, with tension… of not being able to put the book down. It contains a question and an antagonist I like more than the protagonist.” (MI RINCÓN PRIVADO).

“The atmosphere is so well established, with such detailed and vivid images, that it was like watching a film… I love when an unknown, self-published author surprises me with such an accomplished book.” (CONVERSANDO ENTRE LIBROS).

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